The Healthy Hearts Cardiac Rehabilitation classes are for people who have had a heart attack and/or heart surgery. A referral from your GP or Cardiac Rehabilitation Team is required for this class.


Originally set up by Terri, they are now taught by Floyd.


These classes are also suitable for people who do not have a heart condition but who may have diabetes, respiratory problems or hypertension and who wish to exercise to help improve their condition. A referral will also be required for people with these conditions.


The classes follow on from the hospital rehabilitation programme delivered by the Cardiac Rehab team. If you have not taken part in a rehabilitation programme, or you took part in a programme some time ago, please contact Floyd on 07768 346450 to find out how to obtain a referral.


Floyd will discuss your health and concerns with you and will talk to you about the structure of the exercise classes


If you are an active person without any medical conditions but would like to join this class you are very welcome and no referral or consultation is required.


Sessions cost £5. You may attend any of the sessions listed.  Please discuss any payment options with Floyd.   


Heart and circulatory disease (Cardio-Vascular Disease - CVD) accounts for 32% of all deaths in the UK and is the most common cause of premature death with almost 180,000 deaths due to CVD in 2010 (BHF 2012). There were 405,000 inpatient episodes in 2010/11 for CVD.


Cardiac Rehabilitation is a relatively safe activity for the majority of clinically assessed individuals and can reduce the risk of a further heart episode by up to 30%.


Healthy Hearts Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise classes can help to reduce the risk of further heart episodes and it is acknowledged that exercise generally can help:

  • reduce blood pressure
  • weight control/loss
  • reduce the risk of developing diabetes
  • improve the responsiveness to insulin in people with diabetes
  • improve cholesterol levels in all people, not just those with heart disease
  • prevent build up of fatty deposits in the arteries
  • improve digestive disorders 


In addition, you will:

  • tone up
  • have more energy
  • sleep better
  • feel happier  


In fact these classes are good for everyone whether you have a heart condition or not.

Did you know....


One in three adults (30%) have High Blood Pressure, but nearly half of them are not receiving treatment.  High Blood Pressure is a major cause of Stroke.


Sixty percent of adults have high cholesterol (5 mmol/l or above) and more than 20% of adults in the UK smoke.


Less than half of the adult population meets the recommended 5 X 30 minutes physical activity every week and only a third eat the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.


So, it makes sense to improve your physical activity levels, there are so many benefits.