Breath-A-Gain Pulmonary Rehabilitation Maintenance Classes for people with lung disease are run at All Saints Church Hall, Denmead and The Church on the Green, Rowland's Castle


Denmead - Mondays 11.30am - 12.30pm

Rowland's Castle - Thursdays 12 - 1 pm

Cost: £4.50 per session         View Timetable



When people with lung disease experience breathlessness there is a tendency to avoid the  activities which cause breathlessness.  This, in turn, leads to reduced activity levels, which leads to reduced strength and an increase in breathlessness and so on....


Pulmonary Rehabilitation has been shown to significantly reduce breathlessness, improve strength and reduce infections and exacerbations - in particular hospitalised exacerbations. 


When you have completed the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme run by the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service you can be referred on to the Breathe-A-Gain Pulmonary Rehabilitation Maintenance classes which  provide the opportunity for people with respiratory disease to continue with an appropriately designed exercise programme.




Please wear clothing and footwear suitable for exercise (layers you can peel off) and bring some water with you. You may also wish to bring a small towel with you.



If you have a lung/respiratory condition and you wish to join the sessions, you must be referred by the NHS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service.


If you aren’t sure how to go about this, please contact Terri 


I look forward to meeting you soon.


Did you Know that the British Lung Foundation (BLF) provide lots of useful information?  


For a small charge you can purchase the Self Management Pack Please use the link below:


They also provide a FREE Exercise DVD:


Latest Information from the British Lung Foundation on Pneumonia - December 2016
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Did you know?....


That 800,000 people are currently diagonsed with respiratory disease however, it is possible that 3.7 million people in the UK could be suffering from the disease which means tht 2.9 million people have yet to be diagnosed.


In 2008 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD) was the 5th biggest killer in the UK causing 24,816 deaths.



There is an estimated 3-5 million people on asthma treatment in the UK.



Pulmonary Rehabilitation and continuing Maintenance Exercise Programmes can:

  • improve fitness and ability to do every day tasks and activities
  • prevent deconditioning and becoming more breahtless
  • learn to accept that sometimes nreathlessness is OK
  • Develop waays of coping with the disease
  • better understand the medications and use them more effectlively
  • promote long term lifestyle changes which will benefit health